Scrooge provides public REST API described by OpenAPI-compliant schema, which is available for consumption by external programs/clients at /scrooge/api/schema.json.

On top of this schema, we provide swagger-ui , which is available at /scrooge/api or /api endpoint (the latter just redirects to the former). It serves both as documentation and convenience tool, that is meant to facilitate human interaction with our API and improve its discoverability.

Notes for Scrooge developers/administrators

API schema is defined in file pointed by API_SCHEMA_FILE setting (by default This file, in YAML format is meant for editing and feeding swagger-ui during development. For production though, you should generate a JSON file from it. There’s a management command scrooge generate_json_schema, which is meant exactly for that. So basically, YAML file is a source file, while JSON should be seen as kind of artifact, which is not meant to be edited directly (it is minified BTW), and shouldn’t be kept in Scrooge’s repo.

There is one important setting related to API schema - SCROOGE_HOST - which should be filled if you want to provide Scrooge’s REST API schema to your clients (and swagger-ui is one of them) - see the comment in ralph_scrooge.settings.base for additional info on this.